How to network like a boss

Want to maximize your networking experience? Here are eleven personal tips that are sure to help. One of the occasions where an elevator pitch are very useful to have, is at a networking event. So now that you (hopefully) have got your elevator pitch down to a T, here’s a few personal tips on how […]

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Everyone needs an elevator pitch – Here’s how:

“Don’t just wing it and stumble your way through a rambling, improvised elevator speech the next time you get a chance to speak with an industry influencer. Create and practice your elevator pitches right away – you never know when you’ll run into that next big opportunity.” It sounds like a commercial – that’s because […]

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About knowing your customer and why you call her Alice

This is the sixth article in a series of six for companies that wish to implement an effective and positive form of communication into their organization and to enhance employee training for sales and meeting situations. Many of the articles in this series are about how you communicate with other people. Both the ones you […]

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