How to share your pitch and get feedback

Getting feedback to your pitch is a vital part of improving the way you present your idea, company or yourself. To help you get feedback faster, you can request feedback directly inside the Pitcherific tool.

Getting feedback via a public link

Sharing your pitch in a really quick way is to use a public, shareable link. After opening your pitch, click on the “Feedback” tab on the right. This opens your feedback area where you can make your pitch open for feedback.

When you do that, you’ll get a link you can share with anyone. They click the link and presto, they can view your pitch and give you feedback. And you can always turn off the link, if you need to.

Inviting your teacher via Feedback Signal

If you’re a student with an Enterprise PRO account from your school or university, you can invite your teacher to give you feedback quickly, by activating the Feedback Signal. The option will appear at the very top of your Share window.

Think of it as a digital version of raising your hand in class.

If you’re a teacher and accidentally found yourself here, you might want to read about how inviting via Feedback Signal works here.