Give your students feedback quickly with Feedback Signal

Usually, when your students have begun working with their pitches, they often get to a point where they need feedback from you to continue.

To make sure that giving and receiving feedback is a straightforward process in both the Pitcherific tool (what the students use) and the Pitcherific Enterprise Dashboard (what you’d normally use), we’ve added an option called Feedback Signal.

The Feedback Signal in a nutshell

Since your students will be able to practice their pitches at home or anywhere outside the classroom, you need to be aware of who needs help without the hassle of writing back and forth on intranets or over email.

So, to make this really easy, when a student needs help, they simply switch on the Feedback Signal from within Pitcherific and their request will appear in your Class overview in your dashboard.

It’s like a digital version of raising your hand in class (or a virtual Bat Signal, if you like).

Viewing a student’s pitch through your dashboard

When the Feedback Signal has been activated, you will see it appear as an icon next to the student’s name in your Class.

If you click on it, you will be taken directly to the pitch, in a page where you can read it and write feedback to it.

After submitting your feedback, the student can view it at the bottom of their pitch.

Image showing how to view feedback from a teacher at the bottom of a pitch