Using Mirror Mode with beam splitters in pro pitch videos

A while back, one of our awesome PRO subscribers told us that he missed a way to mirror his pitch in the tool when recording professional videos. The thing is, you see, that you can buy some special equipment called a beam splitter glass that allows you view your manuscript while at the same time looking straight into the camera. And we’ve all seen how it goes when you can clearly see the presenter not looking into your eyes, but off into the distance at some screen displaying their script…

To get a better idea of how a beam splitter glass works, here’s a video on it. You can jump to around the 54-second mark to get the gist of it.

Take notice of how the teleprompter in the tablet mirrors the text. This makes it appear clear and readable on the beam splitter glass, which is what you’d want for these kind of video productions.

How to activate Mirror Mode in Pitcherific

So, now you know how a beam splitter glass works and why it’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that we’ve added a Mirror Mode to Pitcherific itself and if you’re a PRO subscriber (or your students or employees have PRO access through your Pitcherific Enterprise license) you can get this to work in just a few taps.

First, open the pitch you want to have mirrored on your tablet or smartphone.

Next, tap the Train Pitch button in the lower right corner. This opens the teleprompter.

Now, in the upper right area of your teleprompter you’ll find the Mirror Mode option. Tap it and prezto, you’ve got your pitch mirrored.

Tip for startup incubators

When we tested a beam splitter glass setup with Pitcherific in our own incubator here in Aarhus, we (naturally) got some attention from the administrators and other startups. After everything was in place and they saw how it works, they talked about it being a cool investment to the incubator for creating short, intro pitches of each startup residing in the incubator. If you’re an administrator or representative from an incubator, you might look into that for your startups.

Having a short, 30 to 1 minute introduction can be really valuable, especially for new startups who need to get out to their early customers. Combining Pitcherific, its mirror mode and your own beam splitter glass setup will make that possible quite easily.

Ideas for teachers and students

Similar to the above setup for startup incubators, we know that teachers use Pitcherific’s video pitch recorder feature as part of group exercises in class. You could also consider investing in a beam splitter glass setup to make the production quality of your students’ presentations nicer.