Removing students from a class

If you land in a situation where you need to remove any students in one of your classes, fear not. It’s easy to do in a few clicks.

Before we begin, just remember that removing a student from your class does not mean that you remove them from the entire system. You simply make them “classless” and if you accidentally remove anyone from a class, you can always move them back to a class again afterwards.

Removing students from a class

First off, in your dashboard, go the class where the students you need to remove exist. Now, check off the students you need to remove in the checkboxes on the left side of the list.

When you begin to check off students, a panel in the bottom of the screen will appear, showing you the option “Remove from class”.

With the students selected, click on “Remove from class and confirm the removal in the window that appears. After a moment, your selected students will be removed from the class. Note that you can find these students again if you go to the Students page and make the page show you all students without a class.