Adding Question Cards to your pitch templates

What almost always happens after a class presentation, oral exam or a pitch? Questions.

And sometimes lots of them too. Because questions are such a typical part of what comes after presentations, we’ve made it possible for you to create and attach Question Cards to any pitch template you create in the Pitch Template Designer.

By adding Question Cards to your pitch templates, your students will then be able to become better prepared for those (often dreaded) questions when they’ve finished practicing their pitch or presentation in Pitcherific’s teleprompter.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you achieve this.

Adding Question Cards to your pitch templates

Assuming that you’ve already gone to the Templates page in your Enterprise Dashboard, pick the template that you want to add questions cards to from the list of available templates. If don’t have any templates yet, you can also add questions when creating a new template, but we recommend waiting with that till after you’ve successfully created the pitch template first.

Now, with the template open in the Pitch Template Designer, scroll down to where you once added sections to the template. Next to it, in a separate tab called “Optional Question Cards”, you will find a clickable area named “Add one more Question”. Here’s when the fun begins.

When you add your very first question, you’ll be shown two fields: a Question and an Optional Insight. Every question must, at least, have the question field filled with a question you want your students to prepare for, but you don’t have to provide them with any hints or insights if it’s not relevant.

Keep adding questions to your pitch template until you feel that your students will have enough to feel well-prepared for their exam or presentation. Your mileage may vary, but try to reflect on what would be a good balance between too few questions and too many questions.

When satisfied with your questions, click the Update Template button and you’re done. You can always remove questions again or add more later if you need to.

How will my students experience these Question Cards in the teleprompter?

When logged into their Pitcherific account, they can choose your tailor-made pitch template from their list of templates. When questions have been attached to a template, they will be able to view them after their pitch or presentation has ended in the teleprompter. The questions appear as randomized flash cards that they can cycle through and reflect upon.

If they don’t want to wait for the teleprompter to end, they can also manually activate the question cards by clicking on Show Questions in the upper right corner of the teleprompter.