Moving your students to and from classes

Occasionally you might need to move students from and to classes within your Pitcherific Enterprise Dashboard. All of this is possible in a couple of steps.

Let’s take a look at how to do this. You can basically do this either from within a Class page or from the big, overall Students list (or Students page).

Moving students to a class from the Class page

First, ensure that you actually have a Class to move your students to. You will need at least 2 classes for this to work, so if you only have 1, please create a Class before attempting to move students.

With a destination Class in place, select the students you want to move by checking them off one by one (or all visible at once).

When you’ve checked at least one student off, a panel appears at the bottom of your screen with an option called Move to class. Click on it to bring up the transfer window.

Inside the transfer window, select the Class you want to transfer your selected students to from the list and confirm the transfer.

The transfer usually only takes a brief second to perform and after it has been completed, the Class page will reload so you can see that the students have been moved.

Moving students to a class from the Students page

While the most common situation will be to move students from one existing Class to another, you may also need to move students who do not have a Class to one.

What this means is that if you go to the Students page, you will see the entire list of students invited to Pitcherific by your school. Like within a specific Class you can also move students from and to classes on this page (or big list, if you want).

To do this, check off the students you want to move and select Move to class from the panel at the bottom of the screen. Again, select the Class you want to move them to and confirm the transfer.

After the transfer completes, the list will update and be filtered to only show the Class you moved the students to, so you can verify that they’ve been transferred correctly.