Inviting your students to your class

The next natural step after creating your class will be to invite your students into it so you can get started with using Pitcherific in your classroom. There are several ways to invite students, and we will cover the ones relevant to class invitations here.

How to invite your students to a particular class

Within each Class, there will always be a “Invite students to this class button in the upper right corner. Clicking that will open the invitation form for your class. Note that if you have yet to invite anyone to your class, you will see a large, clickable area that also opens the invitation form when clicked.

With the invitation form open, you now have two available options; invite quickly via a link or invite personally via email.

Either option will lead to students joining Pitcherific with access to PRO and Enterprise features, but keep in mind that while inviting via email is more personal, it does require more work from your side as a teacher. Sharing a link (similar to Doodle) can speed up the invitation process a lot, but it’s all up to you.

PRO tip: Encourage your students to at least write their first name when signing up through the link. This makes it easier for you to get an overview of your students afterwards.

When your students have successfully joined through your invitation they will appear in your Class overview. This overview enables you to stay up to date on their pitch progress and to quickly know if particular students need feedback to their pitch. We cover those features in a separate article.

I invited someone by accident! How do I cancel their invitation?

After you’ve invited someone you can quickly cancel their invitation again by going to the Invitations tab in your Class and click on the Cancel Invitation button next to the person you want to cancel the invitation for. After clicking, wait for it to finish cancelling and you’re done.