Inviting other teachers to your team

If you’re a teacher with a Pitcherific Enterprise account, you’re most likely a part of a team of teachers who also have access to your school’s, or university’s Enterprise Dashboard. Now, what if you need to invite a colleague onboard, so they can begin to create classes and invite their students to Pitcherific?

Inviting colleagues to your team

Inviting someone to your team and giving them access to your Enterprise Dashboard can be accomplished pretty quickly and works very similarly to inviting students.

Start by logging into your Enterprise Dashboard account and navigate to the Team page.

Next, on your Team page, click on the Invite Teachers to Team button in the upper-right area of the page. This will open the invitation form.

With the invitation form is open, getting a colleague invited is pretty straightforward. Start by writing their email, and optionally their first and last name as well, in the field in front of you.

If you need to invite more than one colleague, simply click on the Add one more person button and repeat the process.

Finally, when you feel that everything’s ready to go, click on the Send invite to… button.

Wait for a short moment and your invitations will be sent to your colleagues. Now it’s just matter of waiting and when they’ve successfully joined your Enterprise Dashboard, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to show them how creating a class and inviting students works.