Exporting your pitch from Pitcherific to PowerPoint

Most pitches we’ve seen go hand in hand with some kind of visual presentation, usually done in PowerPoint or similar presentation software. And even though Pitcherific is all about preparing the actual content for what you’re going to say, we’ve always wanted Pitcherific and PowerPoint to play nicely together.

So, for our PRO subscribers and students (or employees) signed up through their school’s or company’s Enterprise account, we’ve made it possible for you to export your pitch directly from Pitcherific to PowerPoint. And in no more than two clicks.

Exporting your pitch via your Toolbox

If you access to the PRO features of Pitcherific, open the pitch you want to export to PowerPoint and look for the Toolbox button on the top right corner of your pitch. Clicking on it will reveal some extra tools, where “Export to PowerPoint” is the one you want.

Viewing your pitch as notes inside your slides

After downloading your pitch as a .ppt file, each section of your pitch will turn into one, blank slide in your presentation. Within each of them, you’ll find the content of each pitch section as a note in the Notes panel.

PRO tip: Since your pitch has been added as notes, you can then use PowerPoint’s presentation mode where you can have your notes appear on your laptop and your slides on the projector screen. This is what Microsoft Office calls presenting on multiple monitors.