Creating your first class

To keep things neat and organized in your Pitcherific Dashboard, everything starts with creating your first Class. Classes are used completely as you’d expect – to add your students to, which in turn gives you a central place to gain an overview of your students’ pitching progress.

How to create a Class in your Dashboard

First, go to the Classes page. If no classes have been made yet (either by you or your colleagues) you will see a large area that enables you to create your first Class.

Write the name of your Class in the field and click on the Create This Class button. That’s all you need to do.

After the Class has been created you will automatically be transferred to it, so you can start inviting your students into it.

Remember, you can always rename your Class by clicking on its name in the upper left corner and write something new. The name will automatically be updated when you click outside of the field.